Corporate Films

Corporate films are those films that serve the purpose of connecting office boardroom to the employees. The purpose of such videos is to deliver the company's vision, ideas, ethos and ethics to the consumer.There are several types of corporate films, such as training videos, conference based films, consumer testimonials, online commercials, charity films, films for internal communications, and so on.

AE United is the leading company for corporate video production in NCR. We try to understand the requirements of our clients to the very core. Our team very well knows how to display corporate rhetoric. We provide our best services to government organisations, large multinationals, high streets shops, industrial manufacturing companies, charities and so on.

Why choose us?

  • We are a team of experienced, talented, hardworking and award-winning company for corporate video production Gurgaon.

  • AE United team knows how to give your corporate film the best exposure on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

  • We follow proper professional code of conduct and also assure you of high-quality workmanship.

  • AE United never compromise with the video quality of the corporate film. We always use DSLR technology for giving a better finish to the corporate films. AE United team uses high definition DSLR cameras to give your film a unique visual quality. Ours is one of the very few companies which use DSLR technology for coming up with the best quality corporate films.

  • Our team is friendly and amicable. We are a passionate bunch of people who strive towards producing the top quality corporate films for the clients.

  • AE United never make compromises in corporate film production. We never let the quality of the films go down. We make sure that to use specialised technical staff, voice talent, music, talented actors, and so on.

  • We have the latest and updated technology and equipment. We put to use our creativity and technology together to come up with the best corporate films. Some examples of the variety of equipment we use are as follows:

  1. Tracking rigs

  2. Vehicle mountable rigs

  3. Time-lapse photography

  4. Sports and marine technology

  5. Wide range of microphones

  6. Different lighting techniques, and so on.

AE United is one of the leading corporate film production companies in Delhi. The quality of corporate films we deliver is unmatchable in terms of video quality, content, creativity, and so on. We try to serve our clients with utmost efficiency. Client satisfaction is our priority.